Why Another Blog?

I have been out trying to re-energize my small consulting/training company for awhile now. I thought it is time for me to consider blogging a little bit more consistently to keep me sane with all new things that I’ve learned about agile, lean, and Scrum.

This blog is not aimed to educate anyone but myself in that I want to retain what I’ve learned. It is more or less a place holder, a diary so-to-speak, of what I’ve been exposed to and what I think it may be useful to recall in the future. So, there you have it, it is about my limited knowledge and for me. But, if you happen to run into it and find some of the stuffs are ‘somewhat’ useful, drop me a line. Well, it is not about getting my ‘nose’ bigger but about getting to know what sort of stuffs interest someone out there.

So, wish me luck.

Kiet T. Tran, Ph.D.