The Scrum Team

A Scrum team consists of a Product Owner, a Scrum Master, and the Development Team that includes a 3 to 9 developers. A Scrum team does not have a traditional project manager. People I work with often ask me, ‘So, what do I do with the project manager?’ If you search the Internet, you find many answers there. Other people I work with compromise by stating that a project manager may focus on external facing issues, etc. I would answer in concrete that, ‘Scrum framework provides no project manager role’ because the responsibility of a project manager are spread out to the three roles. A project manager is no longer needed for a Scrum team.

Other agile frameworks may retain the role of a project manager. In these frameworks, the role of a project manager is altered largely to fit into the agile mindset. A new role has emerged as ‘agile’ project manager. Unlike these other frameworks, Scrum removed the role entirely. I let that rest there.

Thus, I will focus on these roles throughout my blog. Of course, anyone can compromise on the response and move away from the framework. In the process, you will be labeled as either a pragmatic or a purist. For now, I accept the purist point of view.


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